Changing Spaces SRS, LLC is proud to be the oldest Senior Move Management Company in Lincoln, NE.  Since 2008, we have specialized in rightsizing and relocation assistance for seniors, but are happy to help anyone during the rightsizing and moving process, no matter what their age.

We are a bonded and insured company that offers a full range of services designed to give you peace of mind and caring assistance as you pursue the home environment that best suits your needs.  Our mission is to provide you with the quality consultation and management services, as well as the physical labor, needed to accomplish a transition you can feel good about.

We offer many services, from helping you sort and rightsize the belongings in your home to packing and unpacking all your belongings as you move.  Our services are completely customizable for your individual needs.  Call us to set up a free in-home consultation where we will further explain our services, acquaint ourselves with your situation, and develop a personalized plan based on shared information.

What exactly is “rightsizing?”
Rightsizing is finding that place between too much and too little in your life.  Changing Spaces SRS can assist you in finding that place while you prepare for a move, or even if you plan to stay in your current home.  Our goal is to assist you with the process of clearing out items that you no longer use or love in your home, and find a way to keep those items that are near and dear to your heart.  By clearing out the excess, there is more room to display and enjoy those items that bring you happiness.



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