Estate Sales

When clients have a large number of items they do not want to move to their new home, Changing Spaces SRS will organize and run an estate sale for them.  If we determine that there are not enough items to warrant an estate sale, we can find other ways of clearing out the old home, such as selling items online and/or donating items to charity.

We take pride in the way we set up and run our estate sales, bringing in our own tables and tablecloths in order to set up sale items in the most attractive way possible.  We bring rugs to protect your flooring, and we work with a well-respected local appraiser to ensure that you get a fair price for the items you are selling.  We also take pride in how we promote our sales.  We have developed quite a following during our 8 years of business, and have an extensive postcard and e-mail list (totaling over 3500 individuals) where we notify our regular customers of each and every upcoming sale.  Additionally, we advertise our sales in the newspaper, on, and with yard signs at major intersections near the sale.  Through these efforts, we bring a lot of people through the front door of our sales, ensuring maximum sales.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Estate Sales

Upcoming Estate Sales

**July 25-26**map
6321 Sumner Street

Click here for a map of sale location

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Check back later in the week for more updates!

Items for Sale Include:
Lots of Wall Decor and Accent Chairs
Director’s Chairs
Kirby Vacuum
Precious Memories
Silverware and Silver Decor
Decorative Vases and Ceramics
End Tables
Several Full Sized Couches
Quilt Rack
Decorative Sconces
Ty Beanie Babies
Antique jars
Washer and Dryer
Vintage and Sterling Silver Jewelry
Table and Chair Sets
And much, much more!

Mark your calendars for our upcoming estate sales:
August 8-9:  7400 Laura Lynn Court
August 15-16:  444 S. Cotner Blvd.
August 22-23:  5831 Fieldcrest Way

A note about parking:  Please be courteous to our client’s neighbors during the sale.  Do not block driveways, park illegally, or within 5 feet of driveways (per Lincoln Police regulations).  Police have been called by neighbors in the past, and tickets have been handed out.  We want you to avoid this at all costs, so let’s all help each other out and be courteous when choosing a parking spot!

Check back regularly to hear about upcoming sales, see a list of items for sales, and photos of sale items!  By following us on Facebook, you can also be the first to hear about all our upcoming sales.






Setting up a sale (3)

estate sale sign

Look for our bright orange signs guiding the way to our Estate Sales!


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